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Industry prospects of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

Made in China, well-known all over the world, the products you buy in many places around the world may be "make in china" Made in China is a very dynamic industry in China. Our country has specially planned "Made in China 2025" for it. On the way to create in China, where will the steering wheel made in China turn? What kind of people are most popular in this industry? The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have jointly issued the "Manufacturing Talent Development Planning Guide" to provide directions for future talent training. In this guide, we can clearly see that the top ten hotspots of manufacturing in the future will be either environmentally friendly, human health-related, or Internet-related. Among them, the largest shortage of talents is for high-end CNC machine tools and robots, with a gap of 4.5 million people. This is an Internet-related manufacturing industry. The development of China's Internet in recent years is obvious to all. On the wealth rankings, the top few are all engaged in the Internet. In the future, smart homes, smart lives, and smart travel will make our lives more convenient, and many scenes in movies may become a reality. When watching "Big Hero 6", I don't know how many people want to have a great white by their side. With the advancement of technology and the development of science and technology, in the future, there may not only be a big white at home, but there may be other housekeeping robots, working robots and so on. People can completely free their hands, free themselves from low-level repetitive labor, and spend more time creating more valuable things. So for the 4.5 million gap, I am not too surprised. The Internet has been developing for decades, but as a physical manufacturing industry that supports intelligence, the manufacturing of robots has just begun, and it will show a spurt of development in 2025 and beyond. Perhaps 4.5 million is still a conservative estimate, but in practice it may be more than this. It is a very promising career. Now many universities and vocational colleges have also seen the prospect of this profession. Many have developed CNC machine tools and robotics majors to transport talents for future development. Now is the early stage of robot development and the best period to enter this industry. When it comes to maturity, you who entered the industry early have many years of experience than those who have just entered the industry and have already taken a place. Now hurry up to find a school with good teachers, professional team and reasonable curriculum design, hurry up and learn. If the course is on-line, you can use business time to learn. Without delaying the existing work, you can also fight for the future! The hard work of one or two years now leads to a good future for the next ten years or even longer. This deal is worth it!

Elaborate on mechanical engineering and automation majors

Mechanical major is a broad subject in engineering, and one of the popular majors selected by science students. It can be called the strongest engineering major, and it is also a popular major in the future. Mechanical majors require good knowledge of science, drawing ability, and electronic technology. "Mechanical and electrical is not separated". University disciplines are often integrated teaching of mechanics and electronics. Mechanical engineering major is an engineering discipline that involves the laws of physics to analyze, design, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. The history of mechanical engineering is not particularly long. It is represented by the invention of the steam engine in the seventeenth century. The main technical factors of the industrial revolution and capitalist mechanical production in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries entered the twentieth century. With the development of mechanical engineering technology and the increase in overall knowledge, many branches of mechanical engineering began to appear. It reached its peak in the middle of the century, especially during World War II. In the 21st century, with the development of artificial intelligence and modern mechanical engineering, more and more sophisticated and more complex machinery and mechanical devices have been created, making our ancestors in the past Many of the illusions of the company have been realized. It can be said that our current lives are completely inseparable from mechanical devices. At present, domestic undergraduate majors in mechanical engineering mainly include mechanical engineering, mechanical design and automation, mechatronics engineering, process equipment and control engineering, vehicle engineering and industrial design, etc. The professional names are similar, but there are differences between majors and majors. There are still some differences in the subtle parts. Because the professional courses taught in mechanical majors during the undergraduate course are relatively general courses, and there are no more in-depth research and differences in the majors learned, so I will not introduce the nuances of each major here. The most important professional courses during the undergraduate period include mechanical principles, mechanical design, theoretical mechanics, material mechanics and automatic control principles. If candidates have studied mechanical majors, they must learn these professional courses well, which is very important for future employment. helpful. After graduation, I mainly work in enterprises and high-tech companies, and use computers to design and manufacture various mechanical devices. The employment prospects are still very good. Automation majors, automation majors are related to mechanical engineering. The undergraduate professional courses include principles of automatic control, modern control theory, signal systems, computer related professional courses and mechanical engineering related professional courses. These professional courses are very important. .    Although automation is an undergraduate major, the name of his graduate-level major is more able to reflect its professional characteristics, which is called Control Science and Engineering. The automation major is based on the theory of automatic control, with electronic technology, computer information technology, sensors and detection technology as the main technical means to systematically control various automation devices. In short, his goal is to make a device. Instead of working for humans, with the rise of the information revolution and the development of the new economy, the development of automation will definitely get better and better. After China entered the 1990s, due to the increasing demand for automation professionals, departments such as civil aviation, railways, finance, communication systems, taxation, customs and other departments have become more and more automated. Many large enterprises have integrated automation. Systems, such as the national railway automatic dispatch system, the national power grid automatic dispatch system, and the air traffic control system, are all automation systems being applied in China. The application of automation is expanding from the engineering field to the non-engineering field, such as medical automation , Economic management automation, etc. Automation is also imitating human intelligence to a greater extent. Robots have already played an important role in the fields of industrial production, ocean development, and space exploration. And factory automation, office automation, home automation and agricultural automation will become an important part of the new technological revolution and will develop rapidly. The graduates of automation will also take advantage of the wide application of this technology, and find the ideal position of their expertise in all fields of social life and all links of economic development.   Automation major is a ver

What is the difference between mechanical design and non-standard automation?

In the past two years, non-standard automation advertisements on the Internet have been flying all over the sky. I think everyone can see it, but after clicking into it, they are all the advertisements of automation companies and accessory companies. Some companies even do Baidu bidding advertisements, which shows that non-standard automation It is a trend that automation will continue to replace manual tasks to complete simple and repetitive tasks. In some labor-intensive enterprises, in order to improve efficiency and accuracy, continuous improvement and upgrading of internal hardware equipment and assembly line operation methods will gradually be replaced by automated robots. Currently, it is most obvious in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing. The examples mentioned above are all related to non-standard automation. So what exactly is non-standard automation? In fact, non-standard automation is only one type of automation equipment. For example, use a piece of equipment to automatically produce a four-legged universal dining table, and let the equipment process from material processing to assembling and molding without manual or a small number of people to operate the equipment. This equipment can be used. This is called an automated job. Because most of the dining tables we usually see are four-legged, what if a customer asks for a three-legged dining table? The same is the automation equipment from raw materials to finished products, which is different from the usual four-leg dining table. It belongs to non-standard products or equipment, and equipment that can automatically produce non-standard products is called non-standard automation equipment. Through the above, we have understood what non-standard automation is. How big is the difference between mechanical design and non-standard automation? In fact, they are a hierarchical relationship, whether it is standard automation or non-standard automation, it belongs to mechanical design. As long as we learn the basics of machinery well and gradually get in touch with more things, we will become more and more familiar with automated equipment, and we will slowly design non-standard machinery. So no matter what kind of automation it is, it is inseparable from the basic knowledge of machinery. If the equipment leaves the machinery, it is nothing. So learn mechanical knowledge steadily. Are you afraid that you can't learn non-standard equipment?

Entering into intelligent manufacturing, where is the charm of mechanical manufacturing and automation?

As a major manufacturing country in my country, the integration of automation, intelligence and information technology will become the basic force to promote the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, the demand for mechanical manufacturing and automation is long-term and stable. What is mechanical manufacturing and automation? Mechanical manufacturing and its automation are based on mechanical design and manufacturing, integrated into the interdisciplinary of computer science, information technology, and automatic control technology. The main task is to use advanced design and manufacturing technology theories and methods to solve complex technical problems in the field of modern engineering. , In order to realize the intelligent design and manufacture of products. Today's machinery manufacturing and its automation affect all aspects of human life: from machinery and equipment such as aerospace, shipbuilding, and mining, to daily necessities such as refrigerators, washing machines, and mobile phones, machinery manufacturing and automation are everywhere. Machinery manufacturing and its automation After years of hard work and precipitation, my country's manufacturing industry is shifting from low-end labor-intensive to high-end intelligent manufacturing. However, the manufacturing industry still has a major pain point to face. Now young people prefer to deliver food to the factory instead of going to work. The traditional manufacturing industry has been hit obviously, affecting the development of the entire manufacturing industry. After all, talents are the core of promoting the development of the entire industry. strength. The brain drain and the scarcity of labor have had an impact on the market, but we also see a bright future for mechanical automation. It is true that in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, a few advanced countries in China still have a long way to go-but when it comes to the control of these equipment and the production of the entire parts and components, China has a huge advantage. I believe that with a high probability, in the foreseeable future, China's development of mechanical automation will enter the ranks of high-precision manufacturing powers.
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